The Start of Preseason…

The new year is finally here which means the 2012 lacrosse season is rapidly approaching.  We had a month off from school for winter break which is the longest we have been separated as a team since arriving at school.  However, just because we are away does not mean we stop preparing for the season. This time period is crucial to our success this spring because we are all on our own and it forces us to truly become self-motivated.

Prior to leaving we each received a rigorous six-week program to keep us busy and focused while we were home.  Our workout packet focused on four key areas: Endurance, Quickness, Strength, and Lacrosse stick skills.  This allows us to have different types of workouts and provides us with the push we need to return to campus in the best shape of our lives.

After a very successful fall we have plenty of reasons to be motivated to keep improving and getting in shape on our own.  Our team has so much potential to have a great 2012 season that every day and every workout gets us one step closer to achieving our goals this season.  It may seem a little premature to be so excited about our potential but our first game is going to be here before we know it, and thinking about game season makes all our hard work worth it.

This season brings a lot of new opportunity for our program including our first preseason outdoors on our new turf field.  Although we were nervous about practicing outside in the cold New Hampshire weather, after just spending one week outside it’s already proving to be very beneficial.  We started school on January 16 and had a week to get settled into our classes before officially starting our preseason on January 23.

With one week of preseason now behind us, we are settling into the routine of practicing together every day.  We also welcome back two juniors on our team who were studying abroad in Australia for the fall semester and it’s very refreshing to finally play with our full team. Our team chemistry is developing every day and we are all committed to working hard for each other. There is a new excitement in the air now that preseason has begun and there is something very special about our team this year. It’s crunch time now because we have just five short weeks before we travel to Long Island on March 2 and have to put all our hard work to the test when we open our season against two nationally-ranked teams.


About SaintAnselmLax

Head Coach of the Saint Anselm Women's Lacrosse Team
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